Is Kenny’s Farm Organic? It is a question we get asked often. Are your strawberries and other crops organic? Here is the answer straight from Farmer Kenny himself!

“Here at Kenny’s Strawberry Farm we are not organic. We use a method called integrated pest management which means we start by using all organic methods first to combat various pests and diseases. Only when a pest or disease reaches a threshold that will wipe out our crops, will we use various synthetic chemicals. We will only use these chemicals if absolutely necessary and they are only used to combat the issue, and not to harm the fruit that will be consumed by our customers. A lot of growers will spray their crops on a regular basis whether there is an issue or not. We only spray when an issue arises that needs our attention. It is a common mis-conception that organic strawberries/produce are not sprayed at all. However all certified organic growers are still allowed to use certain types of synthetic sprays and chemicals on their crops. We most commonly spray organic seaweed, fish emulsion, calcium and, if necessary, we use various insecticides and fungicides. If you have any questions please feel free to email us!”

-Farmer Kenny